Matte Black Base Plate


Comes in 2 sizes: 

*pre-order only* Small: 20 x 2 CM  (8 x 0.7")

Medium: 22.5 x 2 CM (9 x 0.7")

8" Plates are sold out online! Pre-orders can be made via normal purchase through this website. Please make the purchase only if you are alright with the waiting time. A whatsapp message will be sent when orders are ready to be shipped! 


Matte finish 

Clean, rough, and raw outer edges, these matte black plates are the brutalist of plates. Made of stoneware; the outside of the plate is left unglazed to show the nature and beauty of the material. Their straight lip also make them stackable and perfectly aligned - great for new home owners that like to keep things neat and perfect for that friend with the sick bachelor pad.   

  • Food safe 
  • Microwave safe 
  • Dishwasher safe

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